Clive Coffee Open Box Sales

Clive Coffee Open Box Sales

What are Open Box Sales?

Clive Coffee is a home espresso equipment retailer of the most high-end machines and grinders on the market. We carry top-quality products from some of the most reputable brands in the industry, such as La Marzocco, Rocket, ECM, and Profitec. We also collaborate with these manufacturers to produce our custom machines under the name LUCCA. We have a line of machines and grinders from Quick Mill, La Spaziale, Eureka, and more. Since we opened our doors in 2008, our mission has been to provide white-glove service. Our team is stacked with coffee professionals, former baristas, and espresso machine experts from marketing to shipping. From our sales team guiding new customers into the right setup to our technicians' bench testing the machines, Clive Coffee has remained the top retailer in the home espresso market. 

We believe that making coffee at home should be fun. All that’s needed is the right team behind you. Our customer experience team spends their days talking to our customers, guiding them into the right home espresso setup, and later assisting them in making great coffee at home. We created our Love it Guarantee to allow a month of settling in and acclimating to your new setup — we want to make sure it’s the perfect fit. Typically, thanks to our sales experts, it is. Sometimes, it’s not, and that’s ok! We’ve made it easy to return or exchange your equipment.

Open Box

Equipment that isn’t a perfect fit for one person becomes a more accessible option to someone else. Machines and grinders that are returned during the 30-day Love It period are added to Open Box. This equipment is returned safely to Clive Coffee, bench tested and cleaned by our espresso machine technicians, and resold at a reduced price. They include a full warranty (3 years for machines, 1 year for grinders). Open Box units are final sale. 

Like New

Our Trade-In Program at Clive allows customers to sell their espresso machines and grinders to Clive for credit towards an upgrade. All machines are less than four years old, thoroughly inspected, bench tested, and cleaned by our espresso machine technicians. All common wear parts are replaced during the refurbishing process and the machines include a 6-month warranty through Clive Coffee. These units are sold at the largest discount. Like New units are final sale. 

New with Factory Blemish

Brand new machines that arrive at our warehouse with any type of exterior damage fall under this category. They have never been shipped, used, or had coffee run through them. These blemishes are discovered during our benching process and sold at a discounted rate. They include a full warranty  (3 years for machines, 1 year for grinders). New with Blemish units are final sale. 

If you’re looking to get high-end, prosumer coffee equipment at a discount, our Open Box sales are the perfect opportunity to do so. We provide the same post-purchase support, include incredibly fast, free shipping, and are with you throughout your entire home espresso journey.