Drip Coffee Cleaning Guide

Ratio Eight Coffee Brewer with Eureka Mignon Filtro Grinder

Routine cleanings are the easiest and best way to ensure a long life from your coffee maker or coffee grinder. But what’s the safest and most effective way to do so? Put down the vinegar! We're here to help guide you through the proper maintenance routine with products that won't hurt your machine.

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We hear this question often - "Can I use vinegar to clean my coffee maker?” The theory that vinegar works just as well as a dedicated coffee cleaner is simply not correct. It might appear slightly cleaner on the outside, but vinegar isn’t effective internally in the long run. Although, if you happen to enjoy the lingering smell and taste of vinegar in coffee, by all means, carry on. For everyone else - a little detergent goes a long way.

Over time, oils and residue from your coffee can gunk up the works and cause foul flavors to come out of your brewer. You may notice your metal shower screen looks less shiny and might even have a few of those stubborn coffee stains spattered about. Products such as Cleancaf from Urnex or Ratio Wash for the Ratio Brewers are designed to tackle and remove the residue left behind.

Cleancaf Coffee Maker Cleaner

Urnex Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder - $6

Cleancaf is designed to remove coffee oil from automatic coffee brewers. Its dual-action formula also prevents the accumulation of scale deposits, which can cause a myriad of long-term issues. To use, simply open one of the pre-portioned packets and pour its entire contents into the reservoir. Then, fill the reservoir with warm water and stir to dissolve. Run another two more brew cycles with just water, and you’re done!

Ratio Wash

Ratio Coffee Maker Wash - $8

This all-natural cleaner for the Ratio brewers keeps your coffee maker pristine and running smooth. This wash will quickly and safely clean and protect your machine from stains and residue. For this liquid-style solution, pour half of the bottle into the tank with a full reservoir of warm water. Stir the mix for a few seconds and start the brewing cycle. Again, you will want to rinse away any of the solution left behind, so three more full cycles of water will do the trick.

While preparing yourself to clean your coffee maker, you should consider freshening up your grinder at the same time. Old coffee grounds caught in your grinder’s burr chamber can get rancid over time. Regular cleanings every 4 months will keep your grinder running smoothly and coffee tasting great. The easiest and fastest way to do so is with Grindz.

Grindz Grinder Cleaner

Grindz Grinder Cleaner - $9 

Grindz is designed to clean coffee and espresso grinders without the trouble of having to disassemble the entire grinder. To use, adjust your grind a few settings coarser, drop in the pre-packaged dose into your hopper, and run the entire amount through. Made from all-natural and food-safe ingredients, Grindz not only removes old coffee grounds but also absorbs and removes smelly odors.

Besides that, just remember to hand wash your brewing basket and carafe between batches with a little soap and water. Nobody wants to drink yesterday’s coffee. Cheers to clean and tasty brews at home!