Eureka Helios Espresso Grinder Overview

Eureka Helios Espresso Grinder Overview

In the market for a commercial grinder? The Helios line from Eureka gives cafe owners, coffee roasters, and lead baristas ultimate control over every shot of espresso. Get precision, durability, and high-performance at half the cost of competition with the Eureka Helios 80 espresso grinder. Hey there, I’m August with Clive Coffee — Eureka is at it again. This time with a commercial grinder, we believe will dominate the market.

Designed with the café in mind, every detail of the Helios 80 is high-quality. A new burr size for Eureka, 80mm flat, hardened steel burrs grinding with a 340w motor at 1350 rotations per minute, the Helios 80 can grind a 20g dose in under two seconds. The commercial-grade grinder comes with a 20 amp plug and requires a 20 amp circuit. Since it draws more power, the grinder can dose quickly with fewer rotations of the burrs minimizing heat transfer to the grounds. The Helios is highly consistent, varying only a few tenths of a gram with back-to-back doses. 

The extremely responsive, easy-to-use touchscreen has three programmable timed dose settings and an “extra dose” or continuous mode option. Using the plus and minus buttons, you can adjust the grind time in increments of five hundredths of a second and program it up to 30 seconds. In the advanced settings, you can program the grinder to remember your preferred dose option or clear after each dose is ground. Users can choose a grinding activation mode to activate the grinder by engaging the microswitch, the display, or both. The total control system allows for password-protect specific settings, dictating what others can and can’t adjust. Firmware information, resettable counters, and display options such as brightness, color, and language are all found in advanced settings. Eureka has included custom maintenance alerts based on burr size, burr type, and amount of doses. 

Compared to the other commercial grinders by Eureka like the Zenith, Olympus, and KRE, the Helios is almost entirely metal. It’s sturdy and built to last. It sits at 23 and a half inches tall, eight and a half inches wide, 10 inches deep, and includes a 1200g capacity hopper. Its adjustable portafilter clip has rubber padding to protect your portafilter and a new sturdier piece that firmly locks it in place. The chute is adjustable and removable, making it easier to use and clean. Overall, the grinder is easy to maintain and repair. The upgraded kill switch disengages the grinder once the hopper is removed for added safety. And like the other Eureka grinders, the Helios includes the patented Stepless Micrometric Regulation System — this feature is what Eureka is most famous for. The top burr can be removed for cleaning without losing your grind adjustment. Another signature Eureka feature, the ACE system (Anti-Clumps & Electrostaticity), keeps clumping and static to a minimum, ensuring consistent grinding for an even extraction.

The Eureka Helios 80 espresso grinder is suitable for cafés at any volume or a commercial-like home setup. If you’re looking for reliability, control, and precision, this may be the perfect option. If you have any questions about the grinder and whether or not it’s right for you, leave a comment or shoot us an email at