Eureka Mignon Oro XL Espresso Grinder Overview

Eureka Mignon Oro XL Espresso Grinder ECM Knock Box LUCCA X58 Espresso Grinder

Eureka made one of our favorite home espresso grinders even better, with the new Oro Mignon XL. This similarly-sized, compact grinder competes with commercial-grade grinders in speed, accuracy of grind, and build quality like the Atom 65, all while maintaining the features most beneficial to the home barista.

With large, 65 mm flat, stainless steel burrs and upgraded motor speed of 1650 RPMs, grinding is quicker, and the grounds produced are fluffier, promoting better extraction and reducing your risk of channeling. You can say goodbye to your excess distribution methods and trust the Mignon XL to simplify your routine, improve your shots and increase your overall consistency.  

While grinding 20g of coffee in about 6-7 seconds, Eureka still managed to keep its signature nearly-silent grinding and single-dosing capabilities. You can expect the Oro to feel similar to the other grinders in the Mignon line. It has nearly the same footprint — measuring 15 inches tall, 4 ½ inches wide, and 7 inches deep. It’s worth noting if you have low counter clearance, it’s an inch taller than the other Mignon grinders. The Oro uses the same hopper with a 300g capacity as well as the programmable, touchscreen display with intuitive timed dosing features. Retention is extremely low and the large adjustment knob makes fine-tuning espresso and recipe repeatability possible.

If you’re looking to replicate shots from your favorite cafe but want to keep space and noise to a minimum, this is a great option. The Eureka Oro produces a smooth, balanced espresso which compliments any milk-based beverage. For those who value consistency, quality, and simplicity, this checks all the boxes for better coffee at home.