La Marzocco Linea Mini R Espresso Machine Overview

La Marzocco Linea Mini R Espresso Machine Overview

When espresso enthusiasts hear “La Marzocco,” they often smile and share fond memories of their favorite café. La Marzocco’s commercial line is found in almost any major city worldwide. Founded in 1927, La Marzocco’s reputation for exquisite design and handcrafted excellence has since been lionized in the annals of specialty coffee, making La Marzocco synonymous with preeminent craftsmanship. Thus, the Linea Mini is the standard for judging all home espresso machines.

Several home espresso machines are remarkable, but none come even remotely close to the quality, performance, and reputation of La Marzocco Linea Mini. La Marzocco proudly reintroduces us to a Florentine classic—inspiring a new generation of baristas and seasoned espresso enthusiasts to craft delicious espresso with precision, style, and consistency, turning your espresso bar into a hearth, making those moments away from home ever the sweeter when you return to pull another shot of espresso. 

Aesthetic overhaul & workflow updates

Close up view of the Linea Mini R's backsplash lifestyle by Clive Coffee

The Linea Mini retains its familiar aesthetics but contains several tasteful and subtle upgrades that are both functional and beautiful. First, you will notice a slight departure from the mid-century aesthetic for a more modern and sharp profile, with what La Marzocco calls its Della Pietra curve, the namesake of La Marzocco product designer Stefano Della Prieta. The side profile almost looks like the Linea Mini was carved straight from marble, fashioned with the artisan’s point chisel and hammer. The updated La Marzocco wordmark is the badge that seals its updated look from front to back, remaining red in the silver satin and stainless steel models and a muted chrome for the painted ones.  Available in classic mirrored stainless steel or an array of six different panel colors, the Linea Mini is simpatico with any space that craves an espresso bar.

  • Soft touchpoints—Tactile and thoughtful, the soft touch steam and hot water knobs, semi-automatic brew paddle, and paddle cover are responsive and comfortable to use. The brew paddle cover in the middle has two simple light-function indicators on the left and right—blue for the low water indicator and red for the main power and heating function, respectively.
  • Painted backsplashPreviously, the backsplash was mirrored stainless steel. Now, the backsplashes on the painted models will be the same color, creating a more cohesive and streamlined look.
  • Pressure gaugesPreviously, the steam boiler gauge was opposite the steam wand. This paradox has been corrected: the steam pressure gauge is on the right, and the brew pressure gauge is on the left. 
  • Shot timer People have asked for a shot timer on the Linea Mini for over a decade. The shot timer is above the brew paddle cover, flush with the front panel, and at eye level. It is a welcome addition for added brewing accuracy and shot monitoring.
  • Drain box & reservoirThe internal 2-liter reservoir is easily accessible from behind the drip tray. Now, its design is similar to the La Marzocco Micra, making it easier to fill. The drain box has a handy red float indicator, so you’ll never overflow your drip tray—a small but thoughtful touch.
View of the Linea Mini R's wordmark, drain box, and portafilter lifestyle by Clive Coffee

The machine’s new stainless steel panels are a slightly thinner gauge than the previous model; however, this is not a downgrade. This allows for faster heat-up times and more temperature consistency. The reimagined Linea Mini is built like a tank.  

Core features & performance

Front view of an espresso shot pulling on the Linea Mini R lifestyle by Clive Coffee

Under the hood, the Linea Mini largely remains the same as its previous iteration. Its patented heat-exchange system supports its unparalleled temperature consistency, powered by a 3L steam boiler and a 1620W heating element. Its saturated group head is an extension of  the group head block, and its .17L brew boiler ensures your shots pull at the set temperature—controlled by the PID. The Linea comes reservoir-ready, but you will need this plumb-in kit if you would rather have on-demand water. The machine runs solely on 15 amps yet can heat both boilers simultaneously and is temperature stable within 15 minutes. Rest assured, the Linea Mini can handle anything you throw at it—from one shot of espresso a day to a line of several lattes, with the utmost consistency and without skipping a beat. 

While the Linea Mini’s performance remains the same, here are some exciting updates: 

  • Cool touch steam wand—No longer a $700 upgrade, the steam wand is no-burn and cool touch. The stock steam tip is PEEK polymer, a thermoplastic that is chemical resistant and can withstand high temperatures. It is often used in engineering applications. For those traditionalists, La Marzocco includes a 4-hole stainless steel steam tip in the accessories package.
  • Two-valve pre-infusion system—Their new two-valve pre-infusion system allows you to program soft infusion whether you’re plumbed in or not. When plumbed in, use the app to enable plumb-in mode. Then, set the desired parameters, and the machine will use line pressure (2-3 bar) to run automatically. Additionally, you can choose a similar pre-brew option when using the machine on the internal reservoir. When using pre-brew mode, you can adjust desired on/off times to run automatically for each shot. 
  • Self-cleaning flow restrictor—Formerly an optional upgrade, the machine has a 0.06mm flow restrictor. Now, it is self-cleaning, pulsing water after each shot, preventing blockages that would cause low or no water flow through the group head. Always remember to use filtered and soft water, of course!
  • Brew-by-weight scale compatibility—Do you want your shots to accurately stop at your desired yield? You will need this brew-by-weight Acaia Lunar scale for this functionality. More accurate than a mechanical flow meter for volumetric dosing, the brew-by-weight makes predictions based on an algorithm. You must set your dose in the La Marzocco app and engage the brew paddle. The result is perfect espresso. 
  • Rotary pump pressure adjustment—Do you want to experiment with brewing coffees at different brew pressures? The adjustment screw is easily accessed on the top of the machine. All you need is a flathead screwdriver. 

Included accessories

talent pouring a latte into a glass lifestyle by clive coffee

The Linea Mini includes a complete kit of professional accessories that match the machine perfectly. Within the accessory box, you’ll find a convex stainless steel tamper, La Marzocco branded precision portafilter Baskets (7g, 14g, 17g, 21g, and backflush disk), a 12oz steaming pitcher, stainless steel steam tip, a full-size bottle of cleaning detergent, as well as a comprehensive water testing kit. From day one, you’ll have everything you need to get started. 

Most importantly, the kit includes a versatile convertible portafilter. Instead of having two separate portafilters, the convertible portafilter is, by default, bottomless, and its design gives you a bit more cup clearance at 3.5 inches to fit larger mugs and a scale.

Do you want to use a double-spouted portafilter or easily split a double-shot instead? No problem. Just snap on the included double-spout attachment. It’s made of the same thermoplastic as the steam tip, which makes it chemical resistant and can handle high temperatures. Best of all, the breakaway double-spout is incredibly easy to clean, unlike more traditional double-spouted portafilters. 

Connected app updates

Shot pulling up close on a Linea Mini R espresso machine lifestyle by Clive Coffee

The La Marzocco Connected App gives the home barista an enhanced user experience with the Linea Mini by providing a range of features to tailor your unique morning routine to make better espresso. Within the app, you can manage the boiler temperature, program pre-infusion, and view machine statistics. You can also remotely power on or off your machine and set a schedule–giving you control that makes every morning feel like an efficient and seamless experience. Some new features include brew-by-weight functionality, new pre-infusion and pre-brewing modes, changing steam power, auto-backflushing, rinse mode, and extended timeout periods (up to 99 seconds for experimental pre-infusion).

If you’re searching for your forever machine, the La Marzocco Linea Mini is engineered to last a lifetime. Every component is robust and well-made, both internally and externally. The Linea Mini is lovingly considered the home barista’s dream machine. From its innovative app connectivity to its iconic design and spotless reputation, this machine will surely impress.