LUCCA Espresso Launches Smart Coffee Grinder

lucca atom 75 espresso grinder

A massive step forward in making café-quality espresso accessible to beginning baristas and advancing skills for experienced home and light commercial users.

Portland, Oregon — September 2, 2021  Introducing the LUCCA Atom Espresso Grinder with TrueGrind technology— the world’s first smart grinder. The LUCCA Atom comes equipped with a digital grind position indicator, a library of 100 pre-dialed coffees, and the ability for users to create and save their own recipes.

“For three and a half years, we have been working on a grinder that will dial itself in. TrueGrind technology is a major advancement in helping individuals and businesses alike make repeatable espresso,” said Ben Guiles, Head of Development at LUCCA.

         He continued, “Working closely with the experts at Clive Coffee and Eureka, we identified the dial-in process as the most frustrating part of getting started. Additionally, baristas who considered themselves intermediate told us that they preferred not to switch coffees due to the difficulty dialing in. As such, we have made it as easy as possible to get started, switch, and explore without wasting expensive coffee.”

         The LUCCA Atom with TrueGrind uses a proprietary algorithm and machine learning to take individual data points, such as the color score of a coffee, the roast date, the brew temperature, brew pressure, and portafilter size, to accurately calculate relative grind position. The constantly connected IoT functionality allows the grinder to calculate grind adjustments on the fly, adjusting your settings for different brew ratios and days off roast. In addition to building your own recipes which will adapt to these variables, Clive has worked with Mistobox and roasters throughout the country to pre-program recipes on the grinder for 100 popular espresso blends.

“I underestimated the value of the grinder's ability to accurately measure the distance between the burrs prior to buying it - and now I couldn't imagine living without it! I typically run three different coffees at any one time (two caf, one decaf), and being able to consistently set the burrs to the right point each time I switch is amazing: no lost coffee. It's also very good at single-dosing, further reinforcing this value,” said early beta customer, Tim Mead.

The LUCCA Atom is available for pre-order now exclusively at Clive Coffee. The companion TrueGrind app for iOS and Android will be released with the first shipments in late September. The full library of coffees is available on Mistobox as a special subscription or á la carte.

Founded in 2014, LUCCA Espresso is a leading brand of custom, high-end espresso machines, and accessories exclusively sold through Clive Coffee. The LUCCA Atom, based on the popular Eureka Atom 75, is the Company’s first grinder.