Profitec Drive Espresso Machine Overview

Profitec Drive Espresso Machine Overview

New to the Clive Coffee lineup is the Profitec Drive, Profitec's flagship dual-boiler with a rotary pump. The Drive is a welcome upgrade and a spiritual successor to the former champion, the Pro 700. It provides a premium E-61 espresso-making experience while maintaining its heritage—patented heat stability, tactile workflow, and German-engineered excellence. Over the past several years, Profitec has overhauled its entire espresso machine lineup, introduced new machines, and fine-tuned existing ones because they want to give home espresso enthusiasts the best and most seamless experience possible—the Drive being the ultimate manifestation of Profitec’s ethos. Let’s jump into what features set the Drive apart from similar E61 dual-boilers and why Profitec is on the bleeding edge of espresso making.

Core Features 

person making an espresso on the proftiec drive espresso machine lifestyle by clive coffee

The Drive shares many similarities with other espresso machines in its class, such as the ECM Synchronika, LUCCA M58, and Lelit Bianca. Like the machines listed, the Drive is a full-size, dual-boiler, rotary-pump espresso machine that can be plumbed into a water source or operated on its reservoir. The Drive has a PID that allows you to change both the brew and steam boiler temperatures and doubles as a shot timer. The Drive has professional steam capabilities that approach 2 bar steam pressure to help you quickly craft any type of milk beverage imaginable. In short, the Drive will help bring the café into your space, allowing you to craft the espresso of your dreams. 

The Drive Stands out From the Pack

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I know, I know; those features all sound fantastic. But what if I told you that it gets better? Check out the PID features:

  • Fast heat up—you no longer have to wait 30-plus minutes for your E-61 grouphead to stabilize in temperature. Now, the Drive’s fast heat-up mode will overheat the brew boiler past your set brew temperature, flush you with water, and the PID will let you know when you’re ready to brew coffee. It takes under 15 minutes. 
  • Automatic scheduling—speaking of how fast the Drive will heat up from a cold start, you can set a daily on/off schedule. What is better than having a fully heated machine ready to rock before leaving bed?
  • Automatic pre-infusion—controlling active and passive pre-infusion is a great way to mitigate extraction issues and experiment with different coffees. Choosing which option is dependent on whether your machine is plumbed into a water source or not.
Profitec Drive espresso machine up close view of the flow control gauge lifestyle by clive coffee
  • Flow control—flow control comes with the Drive by default and allows you to pull shots at different pressures other than 9 bar. The red flow control gauge gives you a nice contrast and allows you to follow each stage of the brewing process. Flow control also gives you a more manual experience, allowing you to control pre-infusion with the paddle. Unlock flavors that you didn’t even know were possible. 
left view of milk steaming on the profitec drive espresso machine lifestyle by clive coffee
  • Quick steam valves—steaming with joysticks has never been more accessible. Fast, intuitive, and enjoyable. 
  • Digital OLED PID—A massive upgrade from the Pro 700, the new PID displays both brew and steam temperatures at all times. The PID menu is clear and straightforward, allowing you to select your desired setting with ease. 

The Drive is Your New Countertop Champion 

There's something about the Drive that keeps us coming back to it each day. Is it because it's already hot and ready to brew as I start my day? Perhaps. Is it because steaming milk and pouring perfect latte art for cappuccino happens in a flash? Maybe. I think what really keeps us coming back is that each shot we pull on the drive is the opportunity to discover something different, to taste something new. The Drive is dynamic and it feels like an extension of these hands that so desire to craft espresso, to experience it all. If you aspire to make great espresso at home, the Drive will take you to your destination. 

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