Programming Auto Shut Off: LUCCA M58 V2 and X58

LUCCA M58 V2 Auto Shut Off and ECO Mode programming

The V2 M58 and X58 espresso machines have an Auto Shut Off built-in. This feature will power down the machine's elements after it sits idle for a set amount of time. 

Setting Eco Mode:

  • Turn off your M58 or X58.
  • Lift the brew lever and leave it in the up position.
  • Turn on your M58 or X58.
  • The blue light will flash. If you see three flashes, you have just turned Eco mode on. You can now lower the brew lever and power-cycle the machine.
  • If desired, you can repeat steps 1-3 to turn Eco Mode off — you will see two flashes when Eco Mode is turned off.

        NOTE: When the Lucca M58 or X58 is powered on normally (brew lever down), the blue light will flash to indicate whether Eco Mode is on or off. This occurs immediately after powering the machine on, before the PID initializes. Three flashes: Eco Mode ON. Two flashes: Eco Mode OFF.

        Economy mode:

        Economy mode is a feature required in Europe for energy efficiency standards. It allows the machine to place the steam boiler in standby after 30 minutes of inactivity. The steam boiler can be reactivated by lifting the brew lever. After lifting the lever, the steam boiler will resume heating, and you’ll see your steam pressure continue standard operation.