The Ascaso DUO Espresso Machine Overview

Ascaso Steel Duo espresso machine

Ascaso is a new name to Clive Coffee, but is no stranger to the espresso industry. Since the 1960s, Ascaso has been designing and building machines by hand in Barcelona. We’re excited to welcome the Ascaso Steel DUO, a compact, stainless steel, dual-thermoblock, packed to the nines with style—outfitted with sharp lines, bright working lights, and functional touches to our machine lineup. The Steel Duo is a modern espresso machine for the discerning home barista, offering an elegant aesthetic and solid build quality.

Rare for a machine its size, the Steel DUO is perfect for baristas on the move; it features a blazing-fast 3-minute heat-up time, with the group head stabilized within 10 minutes. 

The Steel DUO has volumetric shot programming for those who want repeatable results, allowing for two different volumetric profiles. The rocker switches can be programmed or used as a quasi-manual mode, a quick shower screen purge, or cleaning cycle. 

Adding to the DUO’s feature-rich interface, you can program automatic pre-infusion from one to five seconds, helping you get the most even extractions possible. 

The third toggle switch pulls water from the dedicated aerated water spout. The last is turning the steam circuit on, allowing you to simultaneously pull shots and steam milk. It takes around 30 to 45 seconds to steam a 12-ounce milk pitcher. 

Ascaso Steel Duo espresso machine

A quick note about the V2 Steel DUO steam performance update—the more powerful current gives you more steam power, allowing for 30% less steam time than the V1 Steel Duo. To take advantage of this upgrade, you need a 20-amp circuit. If not, the machine can operate with a standard 15amp converter plug, albeit with lesser steam power.

One of the most unique touches is the DUO's side loading reservoir, helping you visualize the water level and simplifying refilling. The DUO also comes with a 58mm wood double-spouted portafilter and steam knob and the option for polished stainless steel panels or white or black powder-coated carbon steel panels to compliment any space. 

The DUO is a fantastic machine for the home barista who desires a seamless espresso experience without compromise. It’s the rare instance where an affordable machine ticks all the boxes: compact, approachable, affordable, and feature-rich. Compared to similar machines such as the Profitec Pro 300 and the Rancilio Silvia Pro X, the Ascaso DUO has them beat. Great espresso doesn’t need to take forever; start your espresso journey with the Ascaso Steel DUO today.