Bezzera BZ10 Overview

Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine

Over the last century, espresso machine manufacturers have continued to evolve and make design improvements to produce machines, both functional and predictable for the baristas operating them. As espresso enthusiasts, we can appreciate the heritage and history inspiring the machines we see on the market today. Considered one of the founders of pump-driven espresso machines, we're excited to introduce Bezzera to the Clive Coffee lineup of machines. Their ingenuity and build quality continues to inspire new home baristas and has lasted the test of time. 

The Bezzera BZ10 is a heat exchanger with a 1.5L boiler, vibratory pump, a unique electronically heated group head, and runs off a sizable internal 3L reservoir.

This beautiful compact machine sits on a hefty, stainless steel frame with stunning mirrored panels. As an attractive option for small spaces, the BZ10 sits at 14.9" tall, 18.8" deep, and 9.9" wide. But don't let the size fool you - It certainly packs a punch.

As a heat exchanger, you're able to pull shots and steam milk simultaneously. Thanks to the 1.5L boiler paired with a 1400w heating element, the steam power is excellent. Controlled by a traditional pressure stat, your boiler temperature will remain consistent at 1.5 bars of steam pressure once initially heated. Simply lock your joystick in the upright position and enjoy hands-free steaming. From small cortados to back to back lattes, the BZ10 is fully capable of treating yourself and your loved ones to any size of milk drinks. 

Bezzera is most notably known for its in-house manufacturing facility, casting parts from raw materials, and not outsourcing any machine components. On the BZ10, Bezzera included their unique electronically heated group head, which houses two heating elements internally. This innovative design speeds up warmup time and keeps your machine's brew temperature constant and stable. Thanks to this efficient group head style, you're ready to pull your first shots within 10 minutes. Once you're warmed up, you won't need to worry about temperature surfing either. A stable group head is ideal for ensuring each shot is just as consistent and delicious as the last. 

Whether you're the espresso purist or you enjoy a creamy, perfectly textured cappuccino, the BZ10 is a perfect addition to your morning routine. Its phenomenal build quality and expertly crafted components deliver a machine that's undoubtedly going to last the test of time. If performance, durability, and style are what you're after, consider the Bezzera BZ10 an outstanding choice.