LUCCA A53 by La Spaziale Espresso Machine Overview

LUCCA A53 by La Spaziale Espresso Machine Overview

If you are looking for amazing performance in a beautiful, approachable machine that directly connects to a water line, the Lucca A53 might be the machine for you.

The guts of this true commercial espresso machine have been on the market since 2003, making it one of the most proven dual boilers out there. Huge steam and espresso performance paired with easy shot programming make the A53 a great fit anywhere.

The direct plumb A53 is the result of our exclusive collaboration with La Spaziale. This machine is near and dear to our hearts, pulling nearly 40 shots on a daily average for 14 employees, back to back drinks during our latte art classes, it is a workhorse within our lineup of favorite machines. The Direct Plumb A53 was the first custom machine under our LUCCA brand, and remains a best seller for home use and our most popular for high volume businesses. In addition to the straightforward, modern display panel, we’ve been working with local craftsmen since 2011 to create custom wood panels from high quality hardwoods. New for 2017 is also the optional shot mirror. (ALT.: An optional shot mirror further enhances the ability to monitor shot quality.)

Designed to excel at producing back to back drinks in discerning cafes, the direct plumb A53 can also delight in a home kitchen without breaking a sweat. And its affordable price point can also give it a serious cup quality advantage over more expensive machines by affording a top of the line grinder, such as the Macap M7D. Commercial DNA paired with an elegant design provides easy access to the inside of the machine, and a clean internal layout makes it one of our simplest to maintain. The massive 2.5L steam boiler paired with a four hole steam tip generates steam power that rivals any commercial unit. (ALT.: ... single group commercial unit.)

The A53 has a compact body, (animate dimensions + 18" typical cabinet height) making it easy to fit under cabinets and in tight spaces. The semi-saturated group head warms up fast and remains incredibly temperature stable. Programmable pre-infusion 0-8 seconds and shot volume make great espresso easier and more consistent, while 1 degree temperature adjustments provide flexibility for fine-tuning different coffee roasts. Further, the deeper, 53mm baskets create a thicker coffee bed and are more forgiving of issues with channeling while holding the same coffee volume as a wider 58mm basket.

With the use of any machine at our fingertips here at Clive Coffee, the direct plumb A53 remains our main daily driver.