Eureka Atom 65 Espresso Grinder Overview

Eureka Atom 65 Espresso Grinder Overview

We’ve long been fans of Eureka’s habit of pushing the envelope in the home espresso market. Today we’ll be looking at the Eureka Atom 65 Espresso Grinder

This being their newest grinder, it’s clear that they’ve taken the best parts of their lineup and combined them into one impressive grinder. They took the near silent grinding functionality from the Mignon and Atom series and the true prosumer power from the Zenith to bring you the Atom 65. First, let’s address what you see from the outside. It looks almost identical to the original Atom with its angular silhouette, clean digital controls, and of course, Eureka’s patented grind adjustment knob.

As with other Eureka grinders, this straightforward interface makes it a joy to work with. Adjusting your grind time is as simple as pressing the plus and minus buttons on the grinders face, and the two doses are clearly visible on the LCD display. Adjusting your grind setting is also simple and wonderfully precise. This system is quite sensitive, so an average adjustment is only half a number or so, making it quick and easy to change your grind for new coffees or recipes.

On the inside, you get large 65mm burrs and a powerful 510-watt motor. Together, these will grind a 20g dose in a fast 7 seconds and you’ll immediately notice that it’s incredibly quiet. You can easily carry a conversation while it’s running without even needing to raise your voice. Eureka’s “clump crusher” screen design and narrow chute ensure that your grounds are fluffy and that they fall right in the middle of your basket, making distribution a breeze.

The shots we’ve pulled with the Atom 65 are deliciously smooth, as you’d expect from its large flat burrs. More than anything, we’ve been pleased with just how consistently even our extractions are. It even manages to handle heat quite well thanks to those large burrs, so it can produce half a dozen shots in a row while maintaining consistent results. Further, it only has about 2.5 grams of retention, so you don’t have to worry about purging stale grounds in the morning and wasting coffee.

When you look at its competition: grinders like the ECM V-Titan, and even Eureka’s own Zenith, the Atom 65 proves itself to be a compelling option. In terms of both power and consistency, it stands toe-to-toe with these industry favorites and adds in unparalleled noise insulation. For those that want a top of the line home grinder that’s capable of pulling cafe quality shots without cafe quality noise, you can’t go wrong with the Atom 65.