Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder Overview

Eureka Atom 75 Espresso Grinder from Clive Coffee

Based in Florence, Italy, Eureka has a reputation for innovation, quality, and durability. They’ve been manufacturing commercial grinders in-house for nearly a century - which are still represented in their lineup today. As home espresso continues to gain popularity, consumers want to replicate shots similar to what their favorite shop serves without leaving their kitchen. With the Atom 75, Eureka has made those two worlds collide, producing a commercial-grade espresso grinder fit for the home barista.

The Atom 75 features the same modern and clean aesthetic as the other grinders in the Atom line. Using a sleek insulated aluminum casing, the Atom grinders are all exceptionally quiet. With the size and shape being identical to its siblings, the Atom 75 is just over 17" tall, 8" wide, and under 9" deep - offering an easy fit under most standard kitchen cabinets.

Internally, the Atom 75 sports large 75mm hardened stainless steel flat burrs, comparable to grinders, double its size and twice the price. Paired with a heavy-duty 900-watt motor, the power and consistency are both remarkable. 

We’re often asked about single dosing when guiding new home baristas to their perfect grinder. The Atom 75 truly shines in this department. Its massive motor power coupled with the large burrs combine to deliver a skilled single dosing grinder - taking less than 9 seconds to grind through 20g of beans. Shot after shot, the Atom 75 retains less than half a gram each dose. If you prefer to grind by time, it’s wonderfully consistent with a hopper full of beans too.

The specs speak for themselves, but I’m sure you’re wondering how the shots taste. Precisely as smooth and rich as you could hope from a large flat burr grinder. Since the Atom 75 delivers commercial performance, you could run a shop on one or just as easily pull café-quality shots right in your kitchen.

Whether you want to use the Atom 75 in a home, office, or café - its straightforward user interface will make your life easy. Eureka’s micrometric grind adjustment system makes fine-tuning your shots an enjoyable and intuitive experience. Plus, it takes only seconds to open the grinder’s burr chamber for routine cleanings, and you won’t lose your grind setting once you’ve put everything back together.

If you refuse to compromise when it comes to performance, convenience, and most importantly, delicious espresso every day - consider the Eureka Atom 75 a top contender.