Profitec Pro 400 Espresso Machine Overview

Profitec Pro 400 Heat Exchange Espresso Machine with the Eureka Oro XL Espresso Grinder in white

The Pro 400 is a compact heat exchange espresso machine from Profitec equipped with temperature control, pre-infusion, and pressure control. Unlike most machines in this class, the Pro 400 offers the most control and customizability to home baristas than any other machine in its class. 

What we love about the Pro 400:

The Pro 400 is one of the most affordable, top-performing home espresso machines in its class. Most HX machines don't provide this much control to the barista. Highlights of the Pro 400:

  • Automatic five-second pre-infusion. The pump runs for five seconds, stops for three, then runs continually until the user lowers the brew lever.
  • 3-position switch for temperature control, allowing baristas to pull shots around 194°F, 201°F, and 208°F (we recommend using the highest setting to boost milk steaming pressure as this is too hot for brewing coffee).
  • External OPV adjustment. Underneath the cup warming tray, adjust brew pressure between 8 and 10 bar. 
  • Swappable disclets for a pop of color. Change the steam wand and hot water nozzle knobs from blue to yellow, green, or red. 
  • Dual manometer. Brew and steam pressure reading on the front of the machine in one spot. 
  • E61 group head compatible with the LUCCA Flow Control device for added control on extraction. To learn more about how to use flow control, check out our article: All Things Flow Control. 

 Who is it for?

The reliability, build quality, and features of the Pro 400 make it a great first or second espresso machine for the coffee enthusiast. If you're tight on space, want something with lots of power to make several lattes, and hope to delve into the world of pre-infusion and espresso recipe building, this is a great place to start or a respectable upgrade from a single boiler or consumer espresso machine. 

Why do we carry it?

We trust Profitec with our life — or, at least with our espresso. This machine is unlike any other heat exchanger machine we carry because of its toggle switch that allows you to activate pre-infusion and ECO mode. It packs a lot of power in a small footprint and lets you customize the gauges for a pop of color to match your kitchen, mood, or general aesthetic.

Still unsure? Check out our article How to Choose a Heat Exchanger Machine, check out the Pro 400 specs and details, leave comments below, or reach out to our team at