Profitec Pro 800 Espresso Machine Overview

Profitec Pro 800 Espresso Machine Overview

With a heavy-duty lever machine, espresso becomes more art than science. The feeling of pulling a lever is timeless, and watching the first drops of espresso fall silently into your cup transports you back to an era of traditional espresso. With this in mind, Profitec combined its decades of espresso design and manufacturing experience to create the Pro 800.

 The machine’s lever and large brass group head share the same technology and design as found in Italian cafes, invoking the romantic history of espresso made without the noise of pumps or the distraction of electronics.

The Profitec Pro 800 combines show-stopping looks with a tank-like build quality, for an intimate user experience that will brighten your mornings for years to come. A mirror polished stainless steel case, tasteful steam pressure gauge, inconspicuous PID control, and a metal on-off switch all ensure minimal distraction within the Pro 800, and that nothing diminish a pure espresso experience. For those who want to elevate their experience to the next level, plumbing in the machine will disable the pump, enabling near silent operation when pulling a shot. Profitec also includes a single spout, double spout, and bottomless portafilters, adding improved flexibility.

Here at Clive, when we want to spice up our usual espresso routine, this is the machine that we go to. When pulling the heavy lever down, you can hear the soft sound of pre-infusion leveling out the grounds bed. Upon raising the lever, the spring-loaded piston in the machine’s group head goes to work, offering a unique tapering pressure profile few machines can replicate. This creates the potential to pull shots like you’ve never tasted before, while also being far more forgiving. The low-pressure finish will yield less bite, and instead elevate the sweetness of your espresso.

Straight espresso aside, this machine is a steaming powerhouse. Its 3.5L copper steam boiler provides a commercial level of steam power, making quick work of large lattes. You’ll be able to make drinks back to back, without the machine breaking a sweat. With the option to use either its built-in 3L water reservoir or a direct water line, the Pro 800 is adaptable to whatever your dream setup requires.

If you want traditional, manual Italian espresso experience that harkens back to another era, the Profitec Pro 800 may be what you’ve been looking for.