The Profitec Pro 600 with Quick Steam

2024 Profitec Pro 600 and Mahlkonig X54 Allround grinder

There’s a new Profitec Pro 600 in town, and the espresso world isn’t big enough for both of ‘em. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say, so let’s introduce the new Pro 600 and take a closer look at how it compares to the original model.

The Pro 600 with Quick Steam—classy, powerful, and stylish

It’s always difficult not to get upgrade-itis when flashy new equipment comes out, and it’s no different for the Pro 600. Before we jump into the changes and upgrades to the new Pro 600, let’s discuss what type of espresso machine the Pro 600 is and whether it’s the right one for you. 

Profitec Pro 600 espresso machine and Mahlkonig X54 Allround grinder

Do I really need a dual-boiler? 

We always get this question, including, but not limited to: Is a dual-boiler overkill? It’s important to consider seriously because while the unit is excellent for making one or several shots in succession, an espresso purist may not need a machine with a dedicated steam boiler. 

Another question we often get is—Do I need a dual-boiler when I’m not pumping out drinks? Having on-demand steam pressure or being able to steam while pulling a shot is a huge net-positive workflow upgrade and can feel very professional in more than the sense that it allows you to make many drinks. Whether for one or several lattes, a dedicated steam boiler helps you produce lattes with the appropriate power, dry-steam, and steam capacity to texture cafè style microfoam properly. This is how you do it for those chasing flavor, convenience, and texture, as well as improving latte art. This leads us to a few improvements in the new Pro 600.  Pro 600 joystick

The main functional upgrades in the new Pro 600: 

  • The Pro 600 with quick steam and joystick valves making steaming more intuitive, helping you focus on the act of steaming instead of fumbling with clumsy rotary knobs.
  • The new Pro 600 changes the steam assemblies to a vertical orientation, as opposed to an angled one, making steaming easier and faster.
  • The new Pro 600 moves the steam assemblies 1” from the center to give you more space to nail that perfect milk vortex.

With its insulated no-burn wand, the joysticks lock into place in any direction and can steam milk in a 12oz pitcher within 10 to 12 seconds, making back-to-back milk drinks as easy as it is fast. 

Things that did not change in the functionality of the Pro 600 are the PID for temperature control. You can still achieve up to 2-bar steam pressure and actively adjust your brew and steam temperatures to modify your experience. 

If you have the space and the budget and love making milk-based drinks, then treating yourself to a dual-boiler is a perfect choice, and the new Pro 600 is a no-brainer!

Profitec Pro 600 espresso machine

What hasn’t changed between the new Pro 600 and the old Pro 600?

Apart from the new quick steam assemblies, the internal logic of both machines is the same— boasting the same neat, clean, and tidy organization that Profitec is known for—making DIY repairs very approachable for the novice home barista. The Pro 600 exists in our espresso machine lineup without a rival. We often refer to it admiringly as the Profitec Pro 700’s little sibling. Although the 600 cannot plumb into a water line, it performs similarly to larger rotary pump dual-boiler machines. The Pro 600 is our only full-size reservoir-only machine with an e61 grouphead and PID, maintaining its patented thermal stability with style. The vibratory pump is seated with insulation, making it one of the quietest on the market. 

New panels, who dis? 

Pro 600 old version vs Pro 600 new version

Lastly, Profitec smartly removed and replaced the old Pro 600’s black plastic panel inserts with solid stainless steel panels. Glitzy in all its brilliant polish, Profitec adds continuity to the 100s series line of machines, giving it a consistent identity with a fresh and modern aesthetic. 

The Profitec Pro 600 is renowned for its durability, fit & finish. Being reservoir only, finding a space in your home to brew espresso anywhere is easy. If you’re looking for a dual-boiler with precision, style, and lasting build quality—look no further than the 2024 Pro 600.