Top 5 Features of the ECM Synchronika

Top 5 Features of the ECM Synchronika

The Synchronika ranks among one of our favorite espresso machines, and is certainly a top pick for those seeking a premium E61 dual boiler machine. What makes it so special in our eyes? Let’s go over our 5 favorite things about the ECM Synchronika.

1. Build Quality

A good espresso machine can last decades, so it’s worthwhile to find a machine you can trust. Few machines are as trustworthy as the Synchronika. Simply looking at it from the outside gives you an impression of just how well built it is. You can even see its sturdy steel frame – one of the toughest of any machine we sell. What’s inside is equally impressive. It takes just a couple of minutes to get the panels off and the internals are all easy to access. Just about any repair on this machine can be done with common tools like a pair of screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench. Further, every part is built and assembled with a degree of quality few other manufacturers can match. It’s our tech team’s favorite machine to work on for good reason.

2. Performance

Whether you’re just making your morning espresso or serving a dozen guests, you want to know that your machine is up to the task. The Synchronika is more than capable with its powerful 1400 Watt heating elements and 2-liter steam boiler which is capable of 2 bar pressure, compared to the 1.5 bar of most machines. This translates to unwaveringly consistent brew temperatures and near endless steam power, making sure every shot is delicious and steaming 6oz of milk in X seconds, or 12oz in X seconds.

3. Switchable Water Source

In order to make your dream machine a reality, you need to have a spot for it in your kitchen. Luckily, thanks in part to its near-silent rotary pump the Synchronika can be used with either its internal reservoir or be hooked up to a water line. The reservoir gives you the freedom to place the machine wherever you like. But if you choose to direct plumb you get the benefit of manual pre-infusion thanks to the E61 group head. Lift the lever part way and gently soak your puck of coffee before hitting it with full pressure.

4. Stainless Steel Boilers

Home baristas are increasingly seeking out stainless steel boilers for their machines for the improved resistance to scale and corrosion. ECM was among the first manufacturers to prioritize this switch and has been using stainless steel boilers in their machines for years. In combination with proper filtration, we’ve yet to hear a peep of anything negative regarding the boilers on these machines, which means they’re doing their job.

5. Joystick Operated Steam & Hot Water

This is a small touch, but we’re big fans of joystick operated steam wands. There’s just a simple satisfaction instantly locking the joystick into place and getting full steam power without any fuss. Plus, you can easily customize them by getting wood knobs in walnut or bubinga to match a set of our wood panels.