Baratza is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to technology for home baristas. Their newest grinder allows you to enjoy all the quality and consistency of weight-based dosing while keeping your morning routine thoughtlessly relaxing. Let's dive into the Baratza Sette 270Wi espresso grinder.

Here at Clive, we’re constantly singing the praises of weight-based measurements for coffee dosing and espresso output. For many new home baristas, however, the idea of incorporating a scale into their daily routine can seem like a hassle. With the 270Wi Baratza has taken the venerable Sette 270, and added weight-based dosing to achieve a level of convenience not offered by any home espresso grinder. And through collaboration with Acaia, Baratza has made the built-in scale incredibly accurate. In our testing, it doses consistently within .3g of the target dose. This means you can simply set your dose and rest assured you’ll get the same weight in grinds every single time, even if you adjust your grind setting.

Baratza Sette 270Wi Espresso Grinder

Beyond its innovative dosing system, the Sette 270Wi retains everything we love about the original Sette 270. Conical burrs make for complex, punchy shots of espresso as well as ensuring almost zero grind retention. Also, they require minimal daily grind adjustment, making this one of our favorite single dosing grinders. Cleaning is just as simple. Remove the lower burr by rotating the adjustment collar, remove the hopper, and you have access to every surface coffee touches.

The Sette 270Wi still bears the same grind adjustment system as the Sette 270. We find this wonderfully easy to dial in - that’s why we have one next to every machine in our classroom here in Portland. If you want to wake up every morning knowing you can walk down to your home coffee bar, press a few buttons, and get the same delicious shot you got the day before without any extra work, the Sette 270Wi is your grinder.

Charles Kelso

Charles Kelso

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