ECM Casa vs. Profitec Go: Machine Comparison

EMC Casa espresso machine

Making espresso at home is all about the ritual and experience of bringing the café into your space—slowing down and honing in on the details that make your morning coffee the way you like it. Making espresso at home is special, but it doesn’t have to be exceedingly expensive or labor intensive. Let’s take a closer look at two of our best single-boiler machines commonly compared to one another: the ECM Casa V & the Profitec GO, and why one is the right fit for your lifestyle and workflow. 


The Casa V and the GO have many similarities on paper:

  • Compact footprint—they almost have identical dimensions and weight
ECM Casa V  Profitec GO
Height: 14.5 inches Height: 15 inches
Width: 8.25 inches Width: 8.27 inches
Depth: 13.5 inches Depth: 14.25 inches
Weight: 30.9 lbs Weight: 30.86 lbs
  • Saturated group head & solenoid activated
  • Single boiler 
  • Vibratory pump & reservoir only 
  • Identical price point (base models are both $999)
  • Stainless steel housing, drip tray, and drip tray cover
  • Fully articulating no-burn steam wand 
  • Experience geared to beginner home baristas & espresso purists alike

Key Differences 

ECM and Profitec are both sister companies, manufacturing their espresso machines just miles down the road from each other in Heidelburg, Germany, so they share many of the same renowned build quality and internal parts. ECM machines tend to be more elegant in their aesthetic, as evidenced by the Casa V's refined simplicity. 

ECM Casa V

ECM Casa espresso machine in stainless steel with Eureka Atom 65 espresso grinder

The Casa V is a classic and tactile espresso-making experience. You’ll notice right away that it does not have a PID. Yes, you do not need a PID to pull a great shot of espresso. This is an intentional choice to make the machine as mechanical as possible and approachable. The machine’s pressure stat is accurate for multiple back-to-back shots without dipping below 198F.

ECM Casa espresso machine up close

Moreover, its touch button interface makes it easy to pull a shot, switch in and out of steam mode, and pull water from the steam water for Americanos. It employs lights to let you know when your machine is heated up and ready to pull your first shots of the day (within 5-8 minutes) and let you know when you’re ready to steam milk (a 45-second to 1 min wait time to switch between steaming milk and pulling a shot). The Casa is the perfect machine to cut your teeth on while developing your barista chops or if you just want a shot of espresso and a no-frills experience. 

Additionally, the Casa V comes in white, stainless steel, and grey finishes with the ability to add Clive’s walnut wood customizations to the steam knob and bottomless portafilter

Profitec GO

profitec go espresso machine with the eureka mignon specialita espresso grinder

For those who want a simplified espresso-making experience or a beginner machine packed with features that don’t typically come with single boilers, the Profitec GO is a perfect choice. The GO has PID temperature control, allowing you to influence the temperature of your espresso actively. This is important if you’re versatile and like experimenting with different coffees at varying roast levels. Also, the PID doubles as a shot timer, letting you time your extractions for an extra layer of precision in your espresso recipe. Lastly, the expansion valve (OPV) is conveniently located on the top of the machine, allowing for easy and quick adjustments to your brew pressure. 

profitec go espresso machine with the lucca df64 espresso grinder

The PID plays an important role when switching into steam mode as well. After pulling your shot and pressing the steam mode button, you can track the rising temperature on your PID and even set the temperature for steam. Knowing when your machine can steam and seeing that on the PID display takes out all the guesswork, making your workflow efficient and intuitive. Also, you can track the temperature going down to know when you’re ready to refill the boiler and pull another shot. 

Aesthetically, the GO comes in bright and fun colors like red, blue, and yellow, giving your space the splash of color it deserves. 

Profitec Go espresso machine in red, yellow, blue, and black


The ECM Casa V and the Profitec GO may look like the same machine, but they have some critical differences upon closer inspection. The Casa V is for the espresso enthusiast who wants a straightforward and no-frills experience yet desires the build-quality and fit & finish ECM is known for. The Profitec GO is for the user who wants the experience mentioned above but wants more precision and control over variables such as brew temperature. No matter which machine you end up with, the ECM Casa V and the Profitec GO will help you pull amazing espresso shots for years to come. 

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