ECM Special Edition Classika PID Espresso Machine Overview

ECM Special Edition Classika PID Espresso Machine Overview

Looking for coffee bar quality espresso but don’t want to give up tons of counter space? Our Special Edition Classika PID could be a great fit.

The Special Edition Classika is the result of an exclusive collaboration between German machine designer ECM and Clive. We wanted to build on the thoughtful design of the Classika to produce an even more elegant piece of espresso equipment. The Clive Special Edition includes an upgraded joystick steam control, matching weighted ECM double spout and bottomless portafilter with a premium matching stainless steel tamper. About $400 in accessories for $200 more than the base model.

If you’re looking for a machine that matches your kitchen, the Special Edition Classika comes in three color options for side panels: mirror-polished stainless steel, and powder-coated panels available in either white or black.

If you are an espresso purist, this is an incredible machine. The PID operated boiler allows precise control of the brewing temperature. The classic E61 grouphead means excellent temperature stability and the opportunity to experiment with manual preinfusion.

For us, the most amazing thing about the Classika is its boiler. Unlike other budget-friendly machines, the Classika features a 0.75L boiler that is the same size and build as the brew boiler in the flagship ECM Synchronika. You’ll be able to pull shots back-to-back without experiencing major swings in brew temperature or water levels.

It should be noted that unlike the Synchronika, the Classika is a single boiler machine. This means it is unable to pull shots and steam milk simultaneously. Still, the conversion time from brewing temperature to steam temperature is remarkably short - only about 1 minute.

Once at temp, we were able to steam two beautiful 6oz cappuccinos back-to-back. While this machine handles lower volumes of milk with ease, we’d recommend looking into a machine with a dedicated steam boiler if you’re looking to produce a lot of large milk drinks.

The bottom line - if you’re primarily an espresso drinker or only occasionally make small milk drinks, it’s hard to find a better value than the Special Edition Classika. The classic design, custom panels and small footprint make it an easy fit in almost any kitchen. The PID temperature control and E61 provide tons of control over your espresso.