Eureka Espresso Grinder Overviews

Eureka Espresso Grinder Overviews

It’s no secret that we have a love affair with Eureka Grinders. Coffee is our enduring passion, after all.  We use them for office coffee (our water cooler chats) and during showroom demonstrations, and most of our staff makes espresso with an Eureka grinder at home. We eat, sleep, and breathe Eureka. Handcrafted in Italy for almost 100 years, Eureka was initially known for designing and manufacturing innovative commercial coffee grinders. In addition to making shop grinders, Eureka uses this pedigree to pack power and convenience into machines explicitly built for home baristas. We’re going to discuss the Eureka grinders that we carry, what they are, who they’re for, and how your new Eureka grinder will pull amazing shots for years to come. 

Close up of the front panel of the Eurkea Silenzio and Eureka Specialita Lifestyle image by Clive Coffee

Mignon Series

First up is the Mignon series. Sleek, compact, and with an exceedingly modern aesthetic, the Mignon grinders are perfect for the home barista who pulls a few shots daily, needs a small footprint, and prioritizes consistency. Best of all, the Mignon grinders are the quietest grinders, not just in the Eureka lineup but of all the grinders we stock at Clive. Like the others on this list, the Mignon series has a “micro-metric” infinite adjustment dial, making it easy to find those in-between spaces for dialing in your shots. 

Mignon Silenzio  $499-579

Lifestyle image of the white Eurkea Silenzio close up by Clive Coffee

True to its namesake, the Silenzio is incredibly quiet. The Silenzio is an excellent option for a beginner home barista aiming for a quality grind and build but who enjoys a more manual grinding experience. The lack of screens or outward electronics is a welcome breath of fresh air. It’s the most affordable of the bunch, meaning your experience will be simple and relaxed from start to finish. It does have a manual adjustment dial on the side of the grinder if you want to use timed grinding. 

  • 50mm flat stainless steel burrs
  • 1-14 second dial timer 
  • The most “no frills” of the bunch

Mignon Specialita  $649-699

The Specialita is our most popular home espresso grinder. It’s so popular that we lovingly call it the “crowd pleaser.” Compared to the Silenzio, the Specialita may not seem like an upgrade. Still, the 5mm increase in burr size to 55mm is a boon—translating to faster grind times (9-12 seconds for an 18-20g dose) and with less heat and friction during the grinding process, giving you more fluffy and consistently distributed grounds. The Specialita also is an adept single-doser when called upon, having around .5 to 1g retention on average. Lastly, the timed dosing screen on the front panel is accurate, giving you two timed settings and a continuous mode for on-demand grinding. 

  • 55mm flat stainless steel burrs
  • An LED touchscreen for two timed dosing settings and a continuous mode
  • Faster and more consistent grinding than the Silenzio 
  • Adjustable portafilter fork for hands-free grinding

Mignon Libra $799-849

Lifestyle image of grinding on a Eureka Mignon Libra black grinder by Clive Coffee

The Libra is a copy/paste of the Specialita platform, with a built-in scale to grind by weight.  Almost identical, the Libra is taller at 16.9" and wider at 4.88”. The built-in scale is on the adjustable portafilter fork and will accept most portafilter sizes. You can adjust the fork to accommodate the included Libra dosing funnel for a no-mess grinding experience. Accurate to the tenth of a gram, you’ll nail your dose each time with the Libra. 

  • Grind by weight integrated scale 
  • Two weight programable settings
  • Adjustable portafilter fork 
  • Included dosing funnel 
  • Larger grind adjustment knob

Oro Series 

While technically part of the Mignon line of grinders, the Oro (gold) series is a cut above the regular Mignon series. The Oro is still meant exclusively for home use but with beefier specs and higher grind performance in a small package. You’ll see larger burrs, more RPMs, and fluffier grounds. The Oro series is perfect for the home barista who demands more from their equipment, making the Oro the new gold standard in home espresso grinding. 

Oro Mignon XL $899-969

Eureka Oro XL grinder lifestyle image front view by Clive Coffee

Our top home grinder uses a full hopper under 1K; the XL is a slightly larger grinder based on the Mignon platform but with more powerful internals. Spinning at 1650 rpm, the XL’s 65mm flat burrs are Eureka’s diamond inside burrs—harder than stainless steel and longer lasting. The larger micrometric adjustment knob makes fine-tuning easier as well. The XL sports the exact features you’re used to with the Mignon line: timed dosing, quiet grinding, and easy maintenance. 

  • 65mm diamond inside burrs
  • Can grind an 18-20g dose between 6-8 seconds
  • Adjustable portafilter fork 
  • Timed grind settings 
  • Includes all-in-one grinder mat, tamp station, and brush

Oro Mignon Single-Dose  $799-869

Lifestyle photo Eureka Single dose grinder in white by Clive Coffee

The Single Dose is the only entry on this list specifically optimized for a single-dosing workflow. The Single Dose has the same specs as the XL, but the grinder is positioned at an angle to optimize coffee flow through the chute. The short hopper and hopper neck are effective in minimizing popcorning. It comes with a 58mm dosing cup to transfer grounds into your portafilter and an optional bellows to push any remaining grounds through the coffee chute. The bellows are largely unnecessary, and the grind retention on the Single Dose is negligible (around 0.1-0.5g on average). The Single Dose completes in price and performance with other popular single-dosing grinders such as the Niche Zero and the DF 64. The Eureka Oro Single-Dose grinds faster, more consistently clear, and round body espresso shots out of the bunch. Best of all, the Single Dose is easy to use—just weigh your dose, throw the beans in the hopper, and grind. 

  • Single dosing workflow 
  • It comes with a dosing cup, rubber bellows, wood, and clear plastic hopper lids
  • 65mm diamond inside burrs 

Atom Series

Versatile and powerful, the Atom series are the top-performing grinders in our home lineup.  Mainly intended for home use, they are also big enough to handle some volume you would expect on a coffee cart, catering event, or a small cafè. While the Atom series is physically larger than the Mignon and Oro grinders, they still sport many features such as timed grinding, micrometric infinite adjustment dial, hands-free grinding, and easy to clean. 

Atom 65  $1099 

eureka atom 65 grinder in black lifestyle photo by clive coffee

The Atom 65 and the Oro XL seem similar on paper, but the Atom 65 has a more powerful motor (510w vs. 320w) and can grind consistently at a lower RPM (1310), which means it can pump out a lot of espresso shots without overheating. The larger body assembly lends to more ventilation as well. The larger burr chamber will have a little more retention, 1-2g on average, but will produce less static, clumping, and heat during the grinding process than lesser grinders. For longevity, you can upgrade to Eurkea’s titanium burrs.

  • 65mm flat stainless steel burrs 
  • Can upgrade to Eureka’s titanium burrs 
  • Powerful 510w motor 
  • You can add a larger 1200g hopper for light commercial use 
  • More ventilation than the Mignon and Oro series

Atom 75 $1399-1499

Eureka Atom 75 espresso grinder in chrome lifestyle photo by Clive Coffee

The Atom 75 is our crown jewel. Our top-performing home grinder by far, and it’s not even close. Large, 75mm flat stainless steel burrs are paired with a beast of a 900w motor clocking in at 1400 RPM. The Atom 75 can simply stay in step with any espresso machine; it is perfect for one shot of espresso a day or 50 plus. The Atom 75 has all of the features that the Atom 65 does; it’s just better, faster, and stronger in every measurable category. 

  • 75mm flat stainless steel burrs
  • Can upgrade to Eureka’s titanium burrs
  • Powerful 900w motor
  • You can add a larger 1200g hopper for light commercial use 
  • Can pull 50+ shots without skipping a beat 

Commercial Series 

For those looking for an Eureka grinder exclusively geared toward commercial use, the Zenith and Olympus are the ones you want to consider. They are not quiet like the other home grinders on the list. We do not recommend them for single dosing as they have larger burr chambers and are more prone to popcorning. These will be your coffee cart or small cafè’s daily driver. We recommend using these grinders with Eureka’s tall hopper

 Zenith 65 Neo $999-1099 

Eureka Zenith 65 grinder in black lifestyle photo by clive coffee

If you’re just staring at your coffee cart, this is the bare minimum of a grinder that you’d want to get. It can handle many shots back to back with consistency, has two timed dosing settings, and has ventilation to prevent overheating. The Zenith is the perfect grinding companion to your dream coffee business; you only have to add coffee. 

  • 65mm flat stainless steel burrs
  • Can upgrade to Eureka’s titanium burrs 
  • Two timed dosing settings
  • 510w motor 
  • Ideal for coffee carts 

 Olympus 75 E $1379 

Olympus 75 espresso grinder in black lifestyle photo by Clive Coffee

    Simply put—the Olympus is a beast of a shop grinder and our heavyweight champion. The Olympus is a larger Zenith with 75mm stainless steel burrs and a more powerful 800w motor. When deciding between the Zenith and the Olympus, it’s a question of how many drinks you’re making per hour. We recommend going with the Olympus if you’re making 30-50 per hour. It will not slow you down. 

    • 75mm flat stainless steel burrs
    • Can upgrade to Eureka’s titanium burrs
    • 800w motor 
    • Ideal for coffee carts, small cafès, and larger catering events

    For inquiries about commercial grinders and espresso machines, check out our industry-leading prices and apply for a wholesale account today.

    While there are a host of other grinders Eureka produces, we wanted to populate our lineup with the ones that have the best features and specifications, are versatile for different applications, and work well with a wide variety of home baristas. Eureka does a fantastic job of making home espresso more accessible to folks exploring making espresso, and that’s something we can get behind 100%. If you have any questions about finding the right Eureka grinder for you, chat with us on our website, hop on a phone call with us at (888) 557-5320, email us at, or visit us at our Portland, Ore showroom between 10-5 Tuesday-Sunday. We’re looking forward to chatting espresso with you!