Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

It's that time of year again. It is the time when we get to show our appreciation for all the hard work dads put in as well as to help elevate their game. Maybe it's his wardrobe or a new set of golf clubs. But if the dad in your life loves coffee, then you've come to the right place. This gift guide is for the dad who has everything, the dad who needs everything, and for every coffee-loving dad in between. 

Espresso Machines & Grinders

dad holding a mug that says world's best coffee dad lifestyle by clive coffee

These are some of the most popular choices for the dads who are just getting into home espresso or need a welcome upgrade to their current espresso bar. Whether you’re gifting a first-timer or a seasoned barista, the equipment should be a cut above the rest.  No qualifications necessary. A love for espresso is encouraged. 

LUCCA A53 Mini 

lifestyle photo of the walnut LUCCA A53 Mini espresso machine & Eureka Mignon ORO XL in white by Clive Coffee

The LUCCA A53 Mini embodies the term daily driver—the dependable, little workhorse who could. What’s more prized than excellent shot consistency and café quality steam pressure? Well, we’d say it’s build quality and craftsmanship. The A53 Mini has all these qualities in spades. You can even customize the kit for maple or walnut hardwoods. Many folks’ A53 Minis are still going strong 10-plus years later. We trust that consistency.

Profitec Pro 600

black and walnut touchpoint Profitec Pro 600 pulling a shot lifestyle by Clive Coffee

The Pro 600 takes espresso-making to the next level in form and function, adding features such as Profitec’s fast heat-up mode, LUCCA flow control, and manual pre-infusion. Exclusive to Clive in the US market, the Pro 600’s sleek straight-up and-down steam wand and quick steam joystick valves make crafting your favorite drinks easy. The Pro 600 is also customizable with walnut touch points and a matte panel finish. The Pro 600 is the BMW of espresso machines. 

Eureka Mignon Zero 

Eureka Zero espresso grinder in black knockout by clive coffee

Moving on to grinders, the Zero isn’t simply Eureka’s most affordable and well-built single-dosing grinder, but is the most affordable and well-built out of any brand currently available. Once an outlier, single-dosing is starting to become the primary way home baristas grind coffee because it is easy to switch between coffees. Even better, the Zero has an average of .2g retention, meaning that you waste less coffee, and the dosing cup and rubber bellows make for a clean countertop. 

LUCCA Atom 75

barista brewing espresso on a LUCCA M58 espresso machine with a LUCCA Atom 75 espresso grinder lifestyle by clive coffee

The LUCCA Atom 75 is nothing short of a marvel. Our patented TrueGrind technology makes dialing in coffee a breeze and helps you waste less coffee. When you’re having trouble dialing in, plug in your real-time shot stats, and the grinder’s dial-in assistant will do the heavy lifting. You can store coffees and recipes in the app library and have fun tasting different coffees at your leisure. Stop blowing through bags of coffee and get the LUCCA Atom 75. Still unconvinced by the technology? Check out this blog on how we reimagined grinding with the LUCCA Atom 75.

Espresso Essentials

Does your barista dad have the perfect espresso setup but need some gear to elevate and tweak their game? Check out the tools below to help get the job done in style. 

Acaia Lunar Scale

Pulling a shot on an acaia lunar espresso scale lifestyle by clive coffee

The Caddilac of scales. If big things come in small packages, the Lunar is supercharged. Our #1 espresso accessory is the best thing since sliced bread, helping you build recipes, track flow rates, and automate functions. Don’t sleep on this little piece of laboratory technology. Do you already have a scale or a Lunar? Consider this handy weighing plate to balance your portafilter perfectly.

notNeutral Vero Glass

pouring latte art in a notNeutral vero amber cortado glass lifestyle by clive coffee

Sip in style with the vero glass. The Vero has four sizes and three beautiful colorways to make that latte art pop. The Vero glasses are handmade in the USA and are double-walled, and the specific geometry of the glass makes pouring latte art ideal. SCORE!

LUCCA 58mm Dosing Funnel

LUCCA dosing funnel lifestyle by clive coffee

Is your barista dad a neat freak? Can they not bear the sight of stray coffee grounds? Pop the LUCCA dosing funnel atop your portafilter basket, and feel free to WDT away. The underside is magnetized to keep the funnel on while grinding directly into the portafilter, keeping your countertop spotless. 

Everything Else

Sometimes being a home barista doesn't involve making espresso at all. Here are some of the premier items for the slow-pour enthusiast. 

Fellow Stagg XF Pour Over Set 

Fellow stagg pour over setup with scale and kettle lifestyle by clive coffee

What’s better than coffee for two? The beautifully designed and heat-insulated XF pour-over system makes 1-2 cups of coffee, so make sure you pour a cup for a freind, or indulge all on your own. 

Fellow Ode Gen 2 Grinder

Fellow Ode Gen 2 brew grinder in white alone with pour over accessories lifestyle by clive coffee

Fellow has long made a name for themselves by elevating mundane coffee accessories like mugs and gooseneck kettles by reimagining them into what those products should be. The Ode combines beauty with brawn, pairing impressive 64mm flat stainless steel burrs and a consistent 1400 rpm with a sleek and stylish design logic. As a result, the Ode boasts the best grounds distribution out of our entire brew grinder lineup, which as coffee experts, help make your coffee taste better

Mistobox Coffee Subscription

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A wise person once said, "you can't make coffee without coffee." Mind blown. We recommend regularly buying freshly roasted whole-bean coffee from a quality-focused roaster. We are lucky to work with some of the best roasters nationwide who source amazing coffees and roast them in small batches. Discover our perfectly curated coffee subscriptions tailored to dad's preferences and delivered on a schedule that suits him. Don't forget to use DAD2024 at checkout to get 10% off any gift subscription. Fresh coffee from the best roasters, delivered straight to dad. What’s not to love?

Are you still having trouble deciding? Please call us at (888) 557-5320 or contact us here. We can't wait to talk espresso with you and help you find the perfect gift for dad or that special father figure. 


The Clive team