If you have ever read a home espresso forum or hung out long enough with coffee geeks, inevitably the terms "grind retention" will arise. It is a fascinating subject - that combines a bit of engineering, physics, and economics. It affects all coffee grinders and when it comes to espresso it can be the difference between a perfect shot of espresso and... well, a mess. As we have not touched on it before, we produced a video to run through:

  1. What is grind retention? 
  2. Does it matter?
  3. What do you do about it?
  4. Which grinders are best at each price point?

Regardless of your budget, brew method, or whether you intend to single dose or not, we recommend giving it a watch so that you can pick an espresso grinder that suits your ideal home espresso setup.



  • @Stefan: The Sette 270 was the first grinder we reviewed in the above video. If you have any more questions about that, I’d be happy to help.

    @Billy: Some grinders aren’t able to single dose, because their grind consistency goes down without a weight pressing the beans down. Give us a call or email and we can clarify this and help you find the perfect grinder for your needs.

    @Mark: I’d recommend a Baratza Virtuoso for your drip coffee :-)

    Ben Piff @ Clive on

  • No mention of the Baratza Sette? The low retention is the primary reason that I purchased it.

    Stefan Wrobel on

  • Hi.
    How important a factor is the weight of the beans? How much does that affect the quality of the grind and therefore the shot, together of course with factors as retention, heat, power of motor etc, when singe dosing? Specially as electric grinders are usually designed to work best with a hopper, big or small, full of beans and not by single dosing.

    Thank you,

    Billy on

  • Please disregard my previous attempt to post, as I had not yet watched the video and I now see that the Baratza Sette 270 was featured. Thx.

    Steve on

  • Can you please comment on the Baratza Sette 270 I bought from you? Thanks!

    Steve on


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