LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine Overview

LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine Overview

We designed the LUCCA M58 Espresso Machine in collaboration with Quick Mill to make the dual-boiler, E61 group head espresso machine of our dreams. With a unique timeless design and all the modern accommodations one could want in a home espresso machine, we feel we accomplished just that. We recently made some updates to this machine and wanted to give you a full overview of version 2 of this machine.

Let’s start with first impressions. We designed this machine to provide the best experience for home baristas. Every touch point carries that attention to detail. The premium steel brew lever and joystick operated steam and hot water arms lend every interaction a satisfying tactile feedback. The rounded, curved cup rail and subtle navy pressure gauges ensure that the M58 is the gleaming centerpiece of your kitchen. Its navy blue PID matches those pressure gauges, and also functions as a built-in shot timer when you begin pulling shots. It even comes with a premium bottomless portafilter, unlike the vast majority of espresso machines, because we know that many home baristas love and prefer them as much as we do. The mirror-finish steel side panels are beveled and slotted, creating a one-of-a-kind facade reminiscent of mid-century car design. The side panels and knobs are also available in multiple woods milled right here in Portland. At 16.5”, we ensured that the M58 is short enough to fit under most counters while preserving room for a sizeable drip tray and 2-liter internal reservoir.

Speaking of internals, let’s take a look under the hood. We worked directly with Quick Mill’s engineers to ensure that the LUCCA M58’s internals are easily accessible and made of high-quality materials. Here you can see the machine’s rotary vane pump which is nearly silent. This pump means that you can direct plumb this machine, which also enables use of manual pre-infusion with the E61 brew group. It’s insulated stainless steel dual boilers have been outfitted with super-efficient heating elements allowing it to reheat incredibly quickly between shots. For reference, making a 12oz latte takes about 1:30, which is about as fast as a home barista can get. This means perfect consistency whether you just want your morning espresso or a dozen cappuccinos for your next dinner party.

For more information on the differences between the original version and the new version, watch our What's New video!


  • @Angel Rodriguez: We definitely recommend using water that is both filtered and softened. Head to for more details!

    Charles with Clive Coffee on

  • Hi, is using filter water a good idea for my lucca a53 mini? Or should I just use tap water? Thanks.

    Angel Rodriguez on

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