LUCCA M58 V2: What's New?

LUCCA M58 V2: What's New?

The new, second-generation LUCCA M58 retains everything the home barista community loved about the original with some key additions that ensure it’ll be a prosumer powerhouse for years to come. Let’s dive right into the differences between the original M58 and the new, V2 model.

The one update you’ll see from the outside is the M58’s new stainless steel brew lever. This more premium design matches the sharp lines and materials of our wood portafilters, making it a great aesthetic update.

All the exciting changes are on the inside, where we’ve replaced the brass boilers of the original with modern stainless steel boilers. Further, you’ll find that the heating elements on both boilers have a noticeably higher wattage, with 1400W elements on both boilers versus the previous 800W brew and 1100W steam elements. This, in combination with an improved PID algorithm, makes the second gen M58 considerably more powerful. Watch this side by side comparison: we pulled a shot and then steamed 12oz of milk with both machines and watched how long it took for each machine to return its boilers to their target temperatures. The first gen M58 took 1:50 to return to temp while the second gen M58 took just 1:30. This puts the new M58’s power in line with competing machines like the ECM Synchronika and Profitec Pro 700, and makes it faster than machines like the Rocket R58 and Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo.

For a full product overview of the new M58, watch our overview video


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