The Must-Have Accessories of 2023

Matte black LUCCA M58 espresso machine with the LUCCA Atom 75 espresso grinder in black with LUCCA accessories: milk pitcher, tamping mat, tamper, and Clive Coffee airscape canister

So you just got your new espresso machine and grinder, but you forgot some details. That’s okay because we’re here to help fill in those gaps. Espresso accessories are fun and functional—they’re a great way to personalize your new setup and help streamline your espresso routine. You don’t need to spend a fortune on accessories, but you need a few solid staples — like a good pair of boots and Levi's jeans, a solid espresso scale, and a tamper will make your coffee taste that much better. Really.

LUCCA Accessories

Under our LUCCA brand, we designed stylish, simple staples to help round out your espresso bar.

LUCCA milk steaming pitcherShop the LUCCA tamper, milk steaming pitchers, tamping mats, and shot glasses. High-quality, simple products with the LUCCA stamp of approval. 

LUCCA accessories GIF

NEW: The WDT Tool by Sworks design

WDT sworksdesign tool

Have you tried a WDT tool? Many home baristas get a little DIY with this. We've seen toothpicks and sewing needles placed into wine corks. The Sworks WDT tool adds a premium and professional feel to an essential step in puck preparation. Unlike distribution tools, the WDT tool de-clumps grounds and evenly distributes grounds throughout the entire bed of coffee. Upon using it, we noticed immediate, positive results. This is a must-try if you’re struggling with channeling or getting shots to pull consistently or evenly. Why Sworks? The build quality is exceptional, and we love that they include two sets of surgical-grade needles.

Acaia Lunar Scale

Acaia Lunar Scale

A scale is essential to an espresso routine. We cannot stress this fact enough. Need to alter your espresso recipe down to the tenth of a gram? The Lunar has got your back. The Acaia Lunar has a venerable reputation in the coffee industry for having the best build quality, performance, and user-friendliness. This is our desert island accessory. If you aren’t using a scale, you may as well be pulling shots in the dark. Have your doubts? Read more on The Importance of a Coffee Scale.

The Premium Accessories Package

Premium Accessories Package, Acaia Lunar Scale (black), Pullman Big Step Tamper (optional in black), SWORKS WDT Tool (black), LUCCA Corner Tamping Mat, LUCCA Shot Glass, LUCCA Frothing Pitcher (black, 12 oz), Motta Knock Box, from Clive Coffee, knockout

Our premium accessories package is a one-stop shop for an enhanced morning coffee routine. Industry favorites include the Acaia Lunar, WDT Tool, Pullman Tamper, and more. Get the tools every professional barista uses to achieve café-quality at home.

Custom Wood Accessories 

LUCCA A53 Mini with wood kit

Want to warm up your new Lucca A53 Mini with wood paneling? We have three wood variants to choose from, and they’re all hand-made by a local artisan in Portland, Ore. Looking to complete your wood kit? Check out our Style 7 bottomless wood portafilters and wood tampers. Not sure if a product is compatible with your espresso machine? Please reach out to our customer experience team at any time!