Single Dose Grinder Comparison: Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose vs Niche Zero vs DF64

Eureka Oro Mignon single dose grinder with the profitec pro 400

Meet Jimmy Johnson (Jimmy the Barista)

Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy The Barista, Clive Coffee, Single Dose Grinder Comparison Blog

We met Jimmy Johnson back in 2018 when he purchased a Profitec Pro 300 and Sette 270 from us. Like many of our customers, we stayed in touch, helped him upgrade to a LUCCA A53, and checked in from time to time. In 2022, Jimmy started his Instagram, "Jimmy the Barista." It didn’t take us long to connect and talk about ways we could collaborate. He posted beautiful photos of his home setup, educational videos, and coffee tips — we were obsessed! When we talked to Jimmy on the phone, we realized how much we have in common when it comes to the way we view coffee. Our shared goal is to make coffee accessible and approachable. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy great coffee at home. For the past few months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Jimmy! We sent him a few grinders and asked him to do an honest comparison knowing fully he could choose a favorite that we don’t carry… but we want to be real with our customers and point you to what’s truly best on the market. Check out the video below or read through the blog of his review, follow him on Instagram, and be sure you'll see more of Jimmy!

Believe it or not – a grinder can make or break your coffee routine. You can spend thousands on a fancy machine, but pair it with a bad grinder, and it’s gonna suck. But finding the right grinder isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s gotta look good, sound good, and (obviously) make good espresso – all within your budget. Well, you’re in luck because today we are looking at three amazing grinders: the DF64, the Eureka Oro Mignon, and the Niche Zero, to hopefully find the one that would work best for you. 

Before we get into the review, it’s important to note that I recommend using RDT (Ross Droplet Technique) when using any of these grinders. By incorporating just a bit of water onto the beans before grinding, you’ll see a dramatic decrease in grinder static, and it’ll help minimize grinder retention.


Alright, let’s talk aesthetics. Because for me, buying the right coffee gear means it’s gotta match the overall aesthetic. I mean, you never know when Architectural Digest gon’ be walkin’ in the door, soooo…

In my opinion – the DF64, which comes in either black or white, is more of that ‘Modern’ or ‘Contemporary’ style. The Eureka Oro Mignon, which comes in black, white, or chrome with gold engraved accents, a steel dosing cup, and a wooden hopper lid, has that ‘Modern’ aesthetic while also fitting in the ‘Traditional’ style-looking home. Lastly – the Niche, with its either black or white aluminum body and oak trim accents, really shines in those ‘Boho’ spaces but can also lean ‘Contemporary.’ 

At the end of the day, these grinders will look great in any home, but hopefully, this can help if you have a specific look that you’re going for. 


One key part of this review is the burrs. The DF64 and the Eureka Oro Mignon are both flat burr grinders, while the Niche is a conical burr grinder. If you’re new to coffee, there are a lot of different opinions on this, but for me, conical highlights acidity, while flat burrs produce more of a well-rounded, balanced-tasting espresso. 

So now let’s talk pros & cons of each grinder. 

DF64 Espresso Grinder:

DF64 Single Dose Espresso Grinder, Clive Coffee and Jimmy the Barista, Single Dose Grinder Comparison Blog

The DF64, which runs around $450 with the standard 64mm flat stainless steel burrs, is really easy to dial straight out of the box because of its easy-to-read micrometric stepless collar adjustment. Basically, you always know what you’re grinding for, and changes in grind size are extremely straightforward and simple. It produces a really well-rounded espresso. Medium to light-medium roasts really shine on this, making everything from chocolate to cherry feel really balanced. I also really like the clear, plastic dosing cup. I like being able to see where the coffee lands when I flip the portafilter over and to be able to level it before lifting the cup off. 

Now to the cons – look, bellows, in general, are messy, and this grinder makes no exception, especially if you don’t use RDT. There is this high pitch tone when using the grinder that really annoys me. I always, like, preemptively cringe because I know what’s coming. But I don’t know; this might just be me. The hopper is really slim, which makes me feel like I could easily make a mess while I’m dumping beans into it. And lastly, I think the button at the bottom is really inconvenient. It’s just annoying placement. 

Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Espresso Grinder:

Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Grinder, Clive Coffee and Jimmy the Barista, Single Dose Grinder Comparison Blog

The Eureka Oro Mignon currently sits at the highest price point costing $799 for the black and white options and $869 for the chrome body. The 65mm flat steel burrs produce really great tasting espresso, highlighting the nuance in flavor in both the medium roast washed Guatemalan I used, as well as the light roast Ethiopian: bringing out notes like chocolate, vanilla, and a muted, yet balanced fruitiness. This was the quietest of the grinders and, in my opinion, has the most pleasing sound when grinding. I like the width of the hopper and the fact that you can choose to use it with or without the bellows attachment. The grinder adjustment dial is really satisfying to use and makes for a quick dial-in process once you’re in range, which actually leads to my cons… 

Straight out of the box, I had a tough time figuring out where my espresso range was. It’s just not as clear-cut as some of the other ones. But here are two options I have for you if you buy this grinder: number one, you can actually have Clive Coffee dial in your grinder for just $50 (or free with the purchase of a machine + grinder!). That way, when you get it, you can get straight to pulling shots. Option number 2: the ‘do it yourself’ method. If no coffee comes out with your first dose, the burrs are probably too close together, so try turning the dial 1 to 2 full rotations coarser. This should get you within the espresso range. My last little pet peeve is that this grinder doesn't sit firmly on the counter, which I notice most while flipping it on and off. 

Niche Zero Espresso Grinder

Niche Espresso Grinder, Clive Coffee and Jimmy the Barista, Single Dose Grinder Comparison Blog

The Niche Zero, which can only be bought from their UK website, sits at £499 (around $530 USD). The 63mm steel conical burrs produce a really bright, more ‘acidity forward’ espresso: great if you love those lemon and orange, bright strawberry, and apple tasting notes. This isn’t all you taste, but it’s definitely at the forefront. The infinite grind dial makes it easy to see what brew method you're grinding for, and the flip switch is nicely situated on the top side. The Niche features a retractable cord, which is really handy for cable management. With this grinder, what you see is what you get. It’s quiet, and it’s clean even without RDT. It’s also important to note that there is no bellow attachment available directly through Niche. 


You might be thinking, ‘that’s great info, Jimmy, but I still don’t know what I want. I’m not a great decision-maker, okay?’ Tell me what YOU want. So, here’s the absolute truth: for me, the difference came down to whether I wanted espresso from flat or conical burrs, and for me, the winner was the flat burrs. The 65mm flat burrs from the Eureka Oro Mignon produced my favorite-tasting espresso of the three, giving more distinction in flavor notes. But keep in mind, this was me being really critical, and the difference is like splitting hairs. So then it came down to which of the two flat burr grinders I most enjoyed using and could deal with the little quirks, and for that, the winner is – the Eureka Oro Mignon Aesthetics are really important to me, which I like the look better than the DF64, and if I’m looking for strictly an espresso grinder – this was by far the most satisfying and easiest to dial in for me. 

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